Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo Tuesday Tease: The Car Kiss

I'm trying to get into the habit of blogging regularly, although for now it seems like writing letters to myself that simply happen to be posted in public. (Though writing posts has helped crystallize the experience of "being" Tess & wanting to put all I've got into this part of my writing life.)

I'm ready to try a regular feature Photo Tuesday Tease. I'll confess it's not my first attempt. I took down "Under-Appreciated Body Part Day" because they sounded silly (although I did LOVE the one about the inner wrist--maybe I'll rework that one sometime).

ANYWAY, I have a few Romantic/Erotic/Suggestive/Sex-positive (though fairly tame) pics that I've gathered from here and there (mostly tumblr). For the next two months at least, I'm going to try a Photo Tuesday Tease. I'll post a pic and a few words about the story it creates for me. If you are reading, please feel free to comment or post your own story.

I think this shot is hot because it looks like a couple that simply cannot keep their hands off one another. You can almost feel the heat between them. Is he whispering something in her ear as he draws down her shawl? The way she is stretching back her arm makes me think she is fully experiencing the sensations of the moment: the weight of her earrings as they dangle forward, the brush of his hand against her back....

Please Note: If the pic doesn't show it's creator, then the creator wasn't listed when I found it. If you see a shot, however, that is copyrighted, please let me know and I'll take it down immediately.

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