Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Photo Tuesday Tease: Blindfolded

I gotta make this one short. I'm moving the day after tomorrow and things are down to the wire: boxes & furniture scattered and piled in every direction!

But here's the photo Tuesday tease...


Removing a sense heightens all the others...but the blindfold adds even more than that. There is also the anticipation. What's coming and from where? (or from whom if you are really in an adventurous mood!)

The gift of the blindfold is sensation...it's all you can worry about, all you an experience, when you aren't spurred to reflection by your eyes.

I like this pic because she seems to be testing out the experience. Her head is tilted as if to say... humm, this could be interesting. The blindfold itself adds to the fun. Silk or Satin, it's whispery touch is of itself a sensual experience....

1 comment:

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