Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photo Tuesday Tease: Blissful sleep

Alright, here it is...the photo Tuesday Tease shot for today: the aftermath....blissful sleep.

I've been married for almost 10 years, but I can remember what the first experience of falling asleep in a man's arms....can you?

There is such mystery in attraction, even now I can spend a lazy Saturday morning wrapped up in my husband's arms and feel perfectly in balance: centered, loved, cherished.

I think the thing in this pic that stands out is there is absolutely no tension in their bodies or on their faces. Bliss.


  1. Sadly my husband never could sleep when we cuddled. When he was tired, he turned over and went to sleep. Now, at this time in my life, I find it hard to sleep with anyone touching me.
    Not that I don't love hugging, but sleeping is hard for me anyways and touching is a distraction. Sad huh?

  2. Oh! I hope that your after-cuddle sleep was sound and restful even if you couldn't fall asleep that way. You know, I never stay in a hug once I fall asleep, touching can be too much of a distraction, even if it's a good distraction.

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