Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photo Tuesday Tease: Hug, please


If you've read a few of my posts (or my stories), you may have realized I believe everything contains inherent sensuality. I believe that, by tuning into the sensual richness of life, by celebrating & examining your sexuality, you can find deeper, richer meaning. In other words, I believe sexuality and spirituality are linked.

However, not everyday comes up roses.

Life's snapped a few of my nemesis triggers of late. I'm drained & my wellspring of sensual richness, for the moment, is dry. So instead of pretending & posting one of my usual photos, I'm going to be true to the moment, and post a less provocative picture.

The photo is still full of love, tenderness and connection, it's just not as sensual as some of my other "teases."

This picture reminds me that, even when the well is dry, you can still connect. It says to me: The rain will end, the flowers will bloom...but for now, just hug like you mean it, and let go of the worry.


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