Friday, September 10, 2010

Release Day Confession & Contest

Hum, Release Day... why does everything sound a bit sexual in the world of romantic erotica?

I've been posting quite a bit lately, in preparation from the release of book two (out of three) in the South Jersey Heat series, Bound to Surrender.

It's here! It's available! And I promise you, it's hot!

And so I come to my Release Day Confession. Have you ever done anything embarrassing in the name of research? I have. I told the story over at the Menagerie Authors and alluded to it in this blog post, but I'll give you all the gory details. There is a contest at the end, so keep watch for it.

In Bound to Surrender, Bryce uses two "toys" I didn't have any personal experience using: nipple clamps and bondage tape. Realism is important to me, but what's an erotic writer to do? I surfed the net for awhile and read as much as I could about the different kind of nipple clamps and the kinds of sensations they can create (Thanks!). But, when it came to bondage tape, I was at a loss.

I needed to know Bryce could cut the tape with his teeth and I needed to know what sort of sensations Christina would feel when he bound her with the tape. I knew I was going to have to suck it up and buy some.

Should I order it? No. Packages I order are always going to my neighbors and besides, resorting to mail-order seemed kind of wimpy. I happen to live just off lower 6th Ave, and have about 20 sex shops within 2 blocks of me. (Ah, Manhattan!).

I set out for the shop--but, on first pass, I just kept right on going...all the way to Staples. I had to warm up, I suppose. I kept telling myself I was being silly. I'd been in sex shops before, just never alone. Why should that have made a difference?

I returned, sucked in and descended the stairs.

The funny thing about sex shops is, if you're a woman and you enter, men seem to scatter. Not couples, but men alone. Within seconds, I was the only one in the place. I tried to be all nonchalant and find the tape myself, but the veneer covering my embarrassment grew pretty thin, pretty quick. I could tell I was the color of cranberry juice--sunburn wasn't an excuse, it was January!

A suprisingly cheerful gray-haired lady stepped out from behind the desk. She had asked a few times if I was OK, and finally I just blurted out "Bondage tape, please."

"Oh!" she said, looking conspiratorially impressed. "Good Choice." She frowned, "But what color would you like, Ma'am?"

I don't know why, but the "Ma'am" got me. I could barely speak, but I mumbled, "Whatever, it doesn't matter."

I followed her to a whole wall of bondage tape. (queue singing choir)

"It makes quite a bit of difference," she said, running her hand down the display like Vanna White.

I chose pink.

It turns out, when I opened the package and touched it, I discovered that it felt like thick saran wrap, which was nothing like I expected. The whole experience was worth it. In the end, I even ended up with an extra scene for my book. Bryce and Christina visit the very same shop I went to...

Post a comment and you could win a copy of Bound to Surrender! Drawing will be held next Wednesday!


  1. Oh, that's funny about the tape. I recently got the courage to order something from one of those **ahem** online catalogues - something pink and voice activated. What we won't do for our stories! But my husband liked it...

  2. :) Fun! Looks like you are my winner, Sharon!! Send me an email tesslamont @ gmail . com and I'll send you your copy!

  3. Guess I missed the contest! But I got a chuckle out of your experience. I can imagine you trying to convince an IRS auditor that bondage tape was a legitimate writing expense .

  4. HA! It was a 'cash' and 'Nah, I don't need a receipt' sort of purchase. :)

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