Excerpt Bound to Surrender: Christina bates Bryce and gets what she wants

Wine made her bold and, now more than ever, she craved his cock. She looked him straight in his eye, though the act sucked every ounce of her courage.

“I want a man who will fuck me hard, fuck me until I’m screaming in his pillow. I want a man who will devour me, claim me, whose touch will make everything else go dark but him.”

Bryce’s breath hitched. In an instant, his hot, dry hand grasped her chin.

“Are you sure about that, Ms. Welch?” he drawled.

An affirmative answer would unleash something dark and dangerous. Her nipples, already aching, strained against the confining lace of her bra.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Let’s just see, then.”

Bryce straddled her and forced her back against the couch’s base, crushing her breasts against his muscle. He clamped his legs around her thighs like he had a primal right. On instinct and alarm, she twisted in his clutch, and the tender part of her abdomen rubbed against a stiffness that had to be his cock.

Good God.

“How hard do you want to be fucked?” he asked, flipping her arms above her head and clasping both of her wrists in a firm grip. He stretched her arms higher and a shiver of pain trailed down her shoulder.

She arched her back and parted her lips. “Harder than this,” she gasped, challenging.

He kept her stretched full until her fingertips tingled. His mouth, however, was as gentle as satin against her skin.

His lips brushed and teased while his body kept her frozen in a pleasure-pain kiss she hoped would never finish. The ache in her arms pitted against his kiss’ smooth caress. She opened her mouth, deepening their connection.

Heat filled her cheeks, lust pooled in her belly. She groaned—half mew, half moan, and all pleading. His lips thinned and turned up as he smiled, but his look of pleasure disappeared in an instant.

He ground down, capturing her next breath in a long, probing attack. She lost feeling in her hands, but they twitched with the urge to entwine themselves in his hair. In response, he yanked her arms further above her head, pulling away to survey her tremble with a lazy, self-satisfied smile.

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