Sunday, March 28, 2010

On Sex Shops and Toys

When I wrote the follow-up to Bound to be Mine, my intent was to stay with the bondage theme, but mix it up. The heroine of the next story, Christina, appeared in the first, so I knew she was sarcastic, slightly more inhibited than her friends Lisa and Gillian and (intentionally) repressed. Of all three heroines, though, Christina seemed to me to be the one that would be the most curious about "toys," and I wanted to have a little fun.

Well, I was pretty certain I wanted to include bondage tape in Christina's story, but I had no idea if the hero would need sissors to cut a length of tape from a role or not. There's no shortage of sex shops my neighborhood of NYC, so, in the name of research, I set out to explore. In the first shop I braved, the clerk was, thank goodness, a lovely, helpful woman. I left with all the information I needed to finish Bound to Surrender....and a bit more.

The last time I went to a sex shop was in the 90's. Believe you me, variety and novelty have exploded since then. Just for kicks, I thought I'd post one of the more intriguing vibrators available: The Pirate Pendant. It looks like a necklace, but wait! A discreet button allows you to choose one of two speeds.

I can't say I'm in the market (for starters, it's plastic) but I enjoyed the creativity of this one so much, I just had to share.

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