Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trailers Updated!

I've updated my trailers to include my new covers & uploaded them to my Goodreads page and to my Amazon page. I'm close to fully updated--WOO HOO!

Although the stories remain essentially the same, I did make some changes. For example, in the final book, Bound to Ignite, I changed the spelling of the heroine's name from Gillian to Jillian. Why? I wrote the story 'hearing' her name as Jillian with a J sound. A friend pointed out to me that Gillian could be read with a g as in goat sound or a j as in jingle sound.  And, my Jillie definitely wanted me to clear up any confusion :)

Just to be certain the new versions weren't riddled with the typos my ADD self strews through my first drafts, I hired the lovely and professional Linda Style to copy edit the updated versions. I am so happy with her work and her professionalism. Thank you Linda!

And so, I'm almost there--fully live and fully available! Woot.

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