Bound to Be Mine

5 Hearts by Romance Studio
"The chemistry between Lisa and Ben gives the reader a taste of what can happen when two people are ultimately suited to meet each other's needs…Needless to say, the bedroom activities in this book are not for the faint of heart, but contain lessons in loving we can all learn from. Ultimately, the question remains, can Lisa and Ben get past their past? You will have to read this book to find out, but as smoothly written as it is, that will be no chore."

5 Angels from Bella, Fallen Angel Reviews
"Ben loves Lisa madly. But he feels caught between the amazing feelings being a Dominant gave him and the guilt in his heart that this was just a perversion, something that would only change Lisa for the worse. He wants Lisa back in his life, but can't dominate her
as he used to. Lisa, however, won't accept anything less. Will Ben be able to conquer the warring feelings in his heart in order to make Lisa his forever?

"It's not uncommon for many in the BDSM "lifestyle" to, at one time or another, feel some sort of guilt for their desires. This story perfectly demonstrates one couple's journey into this issue. Ben may be the Master but Lisa's intuition and intelligence is a wonderful match for his confusion. Their chemistry is sizzling, the sexual tension palpable. A thoroughly sexy read."

From Gina Kincade, Yzhabella’s Bookshelf
"I could not put the book aside until I knew what the end would be."

4.5 Cherries from Fern, Whipped Cream
"The story is well-written and progresses at a steady pace, which is wonderful in a novella this length. Ben and Lisa have an excellent chemistry, and their emotional scenes are both touching and heartbreaking. Be sure to place this story onto your TBR list, especially if you love a BDSM themed erotica with oodles of emotion." –Fern, reviewer

4 stars from Jillian Carroll, Got Erotic Romance
"One thing Bound to be Mine has is plenty of erotic sex…but more than that, it has lots of emotion. Well thought out by the author, I could feel Lisa and Ben’s fear, pain, love, respect and ultimately, hope. Whether vanilla or kinky, sex is only as satisfying as the partners make it. Lisa and Ben know exactly what satisfies them in the bedroom ~ and it is extrinsically linked to the love and adoration they have for each other everywhere else. If you like the kinkier side of romance as well as a good love story, read Bound to be Mine!"--- Reviewer: Jillian Carroll

Bound to Surrender

5 Tea Cups from Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews
"she did a wonderful job keeping my interest through all 80 pages. It is a must read if you want to enjoy an hour away from all the everyday pressure to go away into the lives of Christina and Bryce.

This story is definitely a 5 Tea Cup and 3 heat index. The story makes you realize that submission and trust is needed to fulfill all your sexual desires."

5 Diamonds from Gemstone Reviews
"Tess Lamont has done an excellent job with this story. It is well written and holds your interest from page one. If you are looking for a quick read pick up this one. It's worth it. Great job."

Bound to Ignite

Violet, Whipped Cream Reviews
“If you’re looking for a book with hot spanking and hotter sex, Bound to Ignite is sure to hit your fancy.”

Emily, Sensual Reads
Bound to Ignite is a thrilling exploration into the world of spanking. I thought the author gave a refreshing take on the world of spanking, even though Eric has no experience she gives an honest take on what it would be like to try something new. An enjoyable read”

Starla Kaye, Got Erotic Romance
“Bound to Ignite will definitely heat up your reading time.”

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